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    Friday 21/11/14

    Today is World Television Day, a chance to highlight the role of communications, good and bad,in raising awareness of global issues.

    We Brits, of course, are lucky enough to have our very own national broadcaster, the BBC, affectionately known to many of a certain age as Auntie, and to others as the Beeb, on both radio and television.

    Will you be watching telly tonight? Or doing something more interesting instead?

    Either way, we recommend you check out the BBC cocktail, an intriguing reworking of the classic B 'n' B (Bénédictine D.O.M. and brandy) that features the Czech national liquor, Becherovka.
    It was created at the Langham Hotel, home to the BBC, or parts of it, for almost 20 years.

BBC Cocktail

Today is World Television Day

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