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  • Gennaro's Sidecar image

    Wednesday 30/07/14

    On this day in 1898 the Winton Motor Carriage Company suggested to readers of ScientificAmerican that they might want to "dispense with a horse", unknowingly making advertising history. It was a particularly telling line since, at the time, other road users would turn round and howl at drivers of these newfangled vehicles to "get a horse".

    Winton's motor carriage cost a princely $1000, or about £20,000 today, and could reach speeds of an amazing 20mph. And the ad worked. Winton sold more than 20 of the newfangled motor vehicles, one of them to James Ward Packard, who would go on to found his own car company.

    We are toasting the magic that is the modern car with a Gennaro's Sidecar, named for Jamie Oliver's mentor, Gennaro Contaldo.

Gennaro's Sidecar

The world's first car ad came out on this day

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