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  • Eggnog #2 (Hot) image

    Thursday 27/11/14

    Today is the day when Americans celebrate Thanksgiving - an occasion for turkey, pumpkin,family remonstrations and lengthy, cross-country travel.

    It was Abraham Lincoln who made Thanksgiving a states-wide occasion, but the tradition goes back to at least 1621, when Puritan colonists in Plymouth, Massachusetts, held a harvest feast to celebrate a successful growing season.

    Rather sadly, in light of what happened to the Native Americans later, on this occasion colonists and "Indians" ate together and enjoyed a three day feast. The colonists provided birds and harvest produce; the Indians killed five deer.

    Today is also, of course, the start of the official EggNog season. And if you like this creamy, mildly spiced drink, we do recommend you enjoy it hot.

Eggnog #2 (Hot)

Today is Thanksgiving

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