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  • Amatitan Twist image

    Thursday 24/07/14

    Today is National Tequila Day in the US. Bars across the country will be knocking out Margaritasin honour of the Mexican national spirit, and, as fans of the blue agave juice, we are certainly joining in.

    Our drink of the day? Well, it wouldn't be Tequila Day without a good añejo, the sort of nectar that it would be blasphemous to shoot, slam or pollute with salt and lime. So we're enjoying an Amatitan Twist, created by Leeds' own Dave West.

    Why Amatitan? Well, Amatitán, in Jalisco, is not only home to one of Mexico's largest distilleries, but to what's possibly its oldest - the Tecuane taberna, in Santa Rosa canyon, with fermentation pots carved into the living rock.

Amatitan Twist

Today is National Tequila Day

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