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  • Netherland Cocktail image

    Thursday 23/10/14

    It's one of Australia's greatest mysteries. Whatever did happen to Ludwig Leichhardt?

    Born in Germany on this day, 200 years ago, Leichhardt explored great swathes of uncharted Australia, travelling thousands of miles overland, and was one of the best all-round scientists of his time. He disappeared in 1848, along with five Europeans, two indigenous guides, and all their equipment, leaving only a plate with his name, and rumours of trees marked with 'L'.

    Did they drown? Were they murdered? Did they die of illness, starvation, or poison? We don't know, but we are honouring this badland pioneer with an aptly named Netherland Cocktail.

Netherland Cocktail

Ludwig Leichhardt was born on this day

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