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  • Monday 21/04/14

    At 8.50am today, local time, mobility impaired runners will signal the start of the 118thBoston Marathon - and the first since the bombings that shocked the world last year.

    And, amazingly, some of last year's victims will be returning to the race. One mother whose daughters suffered serious injuries will be running for a second time, with her daughters watching, as before. Another survivor, who lost both legs, will be attending with the man who saved his life.

    Rucksacks have been banned for racers, and security will be more than doubled. There are likely to be up to a million spectators, more than double last year's figure, and an extra 9,000 runners.

    Today is a tribute, in its way, to the human spirit, and the millions around the world who keep on keeping on. We are toasting them with The Roadrunner cocktail.

The Roadrunner

Today Is the Boston Marathon

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