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  • Diamondback image

    Tuesday 29/07/14

    One year ago today, a man in a baseball cap walked through the french windows into a private salonin the Carlton InterContinental in Cannes. Minutes later, he walked out again, carrying a sack with $136 million worth of jewels - and vanished.

    One of the biggest jewellery heists of all time, the Cannes theft was so seamlessly elegant it could have been a scene from a movie - Hitchcock's To Catch a Thief was actually shot at the hotel.

    And, despite a reward of over $1 million, the diamonds - including some of the world's most exceptional - have never been seen again. Was it the notorious Pink Panthers jewel gang? (Probably not.) Was it just a local guy who got lucky? Or was it an inside job?

    Nobody knows. But we love a good mystery. So we're toasting today's anniversary with the extremely adult Diamondback, containing two of our favourite ingredients, rye whiskey and Chartreuse.


Today is one year since the Cannes Jewel Heist

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