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  • Monkey Gland #2 image

    Sunday 26/10/14

    Thirty years ago today, a tiny baby, known as Baby Fae, went into surgery for a lethal heartcondition, and received a baboon's heart. By 11.30am, it was beating inside her.

    The technology looked possible - baby lambs had survived with the hearts of baby goats, and Baby Fae had no antibodies to baboons. Yet she would live for only 21 days, and today intra-species transplants are banned.

    Was it wasted? No. The surgeon went on to use the skills he had perfected to transplant hearts into other endangered infants - including more than 100 newborns. An achievement well worth celebrating with a Monkey Gland #2.

Monkey Gland #2

A baby received a baboon's heart on this day

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