Birdy MT800 Mixing Tin (Large)

Birdy Mixing Tin (Large) image 1

Category: Bar equipment & barware

Sub Category: Bar tools

Capacity to brim (ml): 800
Width (mm): 97
Height (mm): 140
Weight in grams: 297
Material: 18-8 stainless steel

Producer: Birdy by Erik Lorincz

The large (800ml) version of what is claimed to be the "World's first mixing tin using proprietary polishing technology that helps to maximize the chilling of the drink and regulate the dilution of the ice." It is certainly elegant, well made, and very practical.

This 800ml (27oz) stainless steel tin is lipped to ease pouring and generously sized to allow two cocktails to be stirring.

Made from 18-8 Stainless Steel with 3% copper which apparently "helps spirits open up to release deeper complexity."

This mixing tin is "micro-polished by hand" and it is claimed this "creates the ideal smoothness for producing the maximum quantity of fine air bubbles. This not only helps to aerate your spirits in the process of stirring, but it also creates a better mouthfeel."

This stirring tin should be used in conjunction with the Kwānt strainer which perfectly nestles over the ice inside the tin for pouring.

Also available in bourbon (gold colour) finish.

Birdy MT800 Mixing Tin (Large) image 1