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This contemporary spin on the classic design marries the renowned functionality of the ceramic dripper

What is Hario V60, you ask?

In the year 2010, it made a dazzling debut at the esteemed World Brewers Cup in London, leaving everyone astounded and exclaiming, "Remarkable!" From that moment, it ascended to the realm of coffee stardom, becoming the quintessential icon of coffee equipment, proudly displaying the pinnacle of coffee craftsmanship.

Consider the V60 as the enchanting sorcerer of coffee, conjuring the finest flavours from your coffee beans. Picture this: the V60 earns its moniker from its ingeniously crafted design – a cone akin to a stylish "V" bearing a precise 60° angle. The 60° angle serves as the maestro behind a harmonious water flow, orchestrating an even extraction throughout the coffee grounds, resulting in a cup that's a masterpiece of balance. Notably, the ample hole at the base hands the brewer the reins of taste customisation, enabling them to precisely adjust the water flow speed and craft a flavour symphony that suits the palate preferences.

No wonder the Hario ceramic coffee dripper stands as a timeless favourite among professional baristas and coffee enthusiasts, all thanks to a straightforward yet impactful reason – its unwavering ability to consistently create superb, pristine, and easily reproducible coffee.

Here's how to make a great cup of coffee using the V60:

Put the V60 dripper on top of your cup.
Take the filter paper, fold the edge a bit, open it up, and place it in the V60.
Boil water and pour it over the filter paper slowly. This helps get rid of any paper taste and warms up your cup.
Grind about 15g of your amazing coffee to a medium-fine texture. You might need to change this grind if the coffee is too weak or too slow to drip.
Heat water to around 93 degrees Celsius (just when you see some bubbles after boiling).
Put the V60 and cup on a scale, add the coffee to the filter paper, then reset the scale to zero.
Start by pouring 80g of water in circles to wet all the coffee grounds.
Give it a gentle stir, start your timer, and let it sit for 30 seconds to let the coffee bloom.
Now, pour the remaining of water slowly in circles, letting it filter through.

Remember, making coffee is like experimenting. Once you find the perfect way you like it – the coffee, grind, and water amounts – make sure to write it down so you can make it again next time!

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$33.75 USD
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Product Information

Colour: White
Barcode: 4977642723122
Glasswasher / dishwasher safe: yes
Length (mm): 128
Depth (mm): 125
Height (mm): 114
Material: Ceramic
Colour: White
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