Beachbum Berry’s Navy Grog cone kit

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In the post-Prohibition era, Don The Beachcomber was a visionary bartender who pioneered the concept of the Tiki bar and introduced the world to the enchanting realm of Tiki drinks. The Navy Grog stood out among his many creations due to its signature ice cone garnish.

Don's ice cone elevated the Navy Grog from ordinary to extraordinary. Don was not content with merely crafting exceptional libations; he believed in creating immersive experiences, and the Navy Grog was no exception.

Comprised of two pieces: a stainless-steel mould and a slender rod, Beach Bum Berry's Ice Cone Kit makes reproducing this stand-out cocktail embellishment easy (although you will need to make fine, snow-like shaved ice).

To use:
1. Place the rod through the hole in the centre of the cone mould. This will form the hole through which the straw will run.
2. While holding the rod in place, pack the cone with finely shaved ice (snow ice). NOTE: Crushed ice is not fine enough.
3. Place in a freezer for at least an hour, ideally overnight.
4. Remove from freezer and leave to sand for a few minutes, then gently remove the rod and ice cone from the mould.
5. If ready to serve your cocktail, place the ice cone in the serving glass with a straw inserted through the central hole. Or, wrap the ice cone in plastic and return it to the freezer for storage, ideally within a sealed plastic box to prevent contamination from odours.
6. Pour your cocktail into the glass to surround the ice cone.

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In stock
$21.65 USD
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