Be a part
Be a part

Be a part

Words by The Pinnacle Guide

The Pinnacle Guide is dedicated to showcasing our industry in the best possible light, with a non-subjective lens and without prejudice. As such – it is crucial that we facilitate an opportunity for all voices within the industry to be heard whilst we finalise its format. Each and every person is invited to be part of the process.

Over a six month consultation period, we'll be hosting fortnightly Round Table Discussions via Zoom across a range of time zones, with each session tackling a different element of The Pinnacle Guide. Sign up to attend the discussions or read our round-up of past discussions.

Each session will be led by a panel of global experts, but everyone is invited to attend and take part via the comments. Following each session, we'll send out a survey to all attendees, giving you an additional chance to ensure your opinions are on record. Recordings of all sessions will be freely available to watch after they each take place.

What underpins The Pinnacle Guide is our pledge to the industry. Three pillars which we want to remain front and centre throughout each discussion.


To create an authentic, reliable and trusted recognition system that elevates the bar industry, underpinned by fair and visible processes.


To work collaboratively with the global drinks community to create an accolade that is enduring and internationally respected.


To be a driving force towards a genuinely inclusive drinks industry, to uphold sustainable values and to champion excellence without prejudice.

If you'd like to book a one-on-one session to speak to the founders directly, you can do this HERE. Or if you'd like to send an email;