The Octagon Bar

Address: The Clarence Hotel, 6-8 Wellington Quay, Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland (Eire)
Tel: +353 14 070 800
Website: view The Octagon Bar’s website
Door: Open door/walk-ins
Style: Hotel bar
Food: Bar Snacks


Two of the most famous hoteliers in the world make this hotel and its bar impossible to ignore. The Clarence is owned by Bono and The Edge of rock group U2. On my two mid-week visits it has been more old-man-reading-the-Irish Times than Rock 'n Roll royalty but I have enjoyed sitting at its octagonal island bar nonetheless.

An impressive octagonal-shaped domed window sits directly above the 8-sided bar in the centre of an otherwise unremarkable oak-panelled room. The adjoining room is also oak panelled and plainly appointed with original square-paned windows. A small snug lies between the two rooms but to me feels more like a place to send naughty drinkers than a cosy place for an intimate drink with mates.

Being an island bar with little storage space the range of spirits available is surprisingly extensive and it was here that an elderly drinker at the bar introduced me to the delights of Green Spot Irish whiskey. I have also enjoyed some great cocktails here, including a Bacardi Natural Daiquiri but I'd steer clear of the Clarence Signature cocktail.