The High Table

Address: 73, High Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX1 4BE, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1865 248695
Website: view The High Table’s website
Door: Make reservation
Style: Restaurant bar
Food: Set menu


Walk in off the street into High Table, and the first room you'll come to is the restaurant. Don't assume that's all there is to the place though. Beyond the restaurant is a glass-walled private dining area, followed by a lounge bar, which then melds into the hotel lobby.

The dining room is simple, classic and sleek: white walls, black counter, and white and black tables with a modest strip of Liberty's wallpaper on one of the walls. The lounge bar is a far cosier space - the wallpaper has bookshelf designs all over it, and the red velvet sofas are a place for hotel guests and visitors to wind down and enjoy a cocktail.

The restaurant pushes wine over spirits, but if you fancy a cocktail before or after supper, there's a small list to choose from - nothing too unusual, think along the lines of Martinis, Margaritas and Manhattans. The High Table is a great place to eat, and if you ask us, both pre and post dinner cocktails are good ways to string out a memorable meal.