OQO Lounge

Address: 4-6 Islington Green, Islington, London, N1 2XA, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 207 704 2332
Website: view OQO Lounge’s website
Style: Lounge bar
Food: Tapas/plates & dishes


Hidden from Upper Street by leafy Islington Green, OQO is the Islington outpost of the Ignite Group, better known for its Eclipse bars. The long, narrow, interior is ultra-modern designer cool, with black floor, black walls and a forty foot long black granite bar counter atop a backlit, woodgrain front which gives warmth to the otherwise austere room. A trio of circular images of food and drink behind the bar stylishly reflect the three letters of its name.

While there is an able team of bartenders here and a cocktail menu which references the likes of Dale deGroff, it is fruity crowd pleasers such as 'The Boogie Monster' served in a whole cored pineapple with rum that appeal to the clientele, many of which are city boys and girls by day. The wine list stretches to Cloudy Bay sauvignon blanc with a round selection along the way.

Tall shiny beer fonts are a recent addition to the bar counter but sadly they dispense an uninspiring offering with the bottled beer options also pretty disappointing.