Words by Camper English on 02-Jul-2013

Address: 900 East Market Street, Louisville, Kentucky, 40206, United States
Tel: +1 502-749-6200
Website: view Rye’s website
Door: Open door/walk-ins
Style: Restaurant bar
Food: Set menu


The bar at the restaurant Rye is a skinny room with brick walls and wood floors and one row of tall tables against the wall, with just a narrow aisle in which to stand. The entrance to the dining room is near the back of this room, opening to a modern restaurant with an open kitchen. The place is staffed with hipsters wearing jeans and flannel or t-shirts, but the food is priced for fine dining at $20 for the least expensive entrée.

You'll be expecting fancy rye cocktails, of course, but you won't find all that many on the menu. Instead, a line of rye bottles are on display atop the surprisingly limited back-bar selection, and the menu focusses on shots, canned beers, and mostly-not-rye mixed drinks. It is an odd selection for a bar given its name, but it matches the faux-downscale theme of the restaurant overall.