The Whisky Room

Address: 48 Camp Street, Queenstown and Arrowtown, New Zealand
Tel: +64 (0)2 127 337 62
Door: Open door/walk-ins
Style: Cocktail bar


The Whisky Room is upstairs from the Red Rock pub, and is a delightful little bar with clubby leather chesterfields, barrels for tables, with whisky paraphernalia and merchandise on shelves and in glass display cases. Sit at the bar and your feet rest on an old piece of railway line.

There's a decent selection - though by no means exhaustive, for a specialist whisky bar - of Japanese and Canadian whiskies in addition to Scotch, and bourbons too. If brown spirits are not your thing, there is a small selection of other spirits stored in old crates below the bar.

This is a relaxed kind of place though so you won't see anything like a drinks list or spirits list - instead the bartenders will make a drink to your taste, though such surprises are not to everyone's taste and it's worth taking along your favourite recipe along in case they're not familiar - a Rob Roy stumped our bartender. Expect a good atmosphere and good chat with your bartender and fellow drinkers.