Pouring Ribbons

Photography by Pouring Ribbons

Address: 225 Avenue B, Second Floor (btwn 13th & 14th Sts), New York, NY, 10009, United States
Tel: +1 917 656 6788
Email: info@pouringribbons.com
Style: Lounge bar
Food: Bar Snacks
Established: 2012

Due to a combination of COVID-19 and landlord, Pouring Ribbons was one of many bars permanently closed by the pandemic. It was a brilliant bar - a sad loss to Manhattan's bar scene.


Review by Jenny Adams circa 2018

Joaquin Simo's resume reads like a lot of the truly great, classic-cocktail-bar bartenders. He cut his teeth in loud dives and busy restaurants before joining the opening team at New York's sainted institution of a tipple - Death & Company. These experiences built a man who's both amiable and seriously skilled at providing not just a perfect Last Word or Jack Rose, but also a firm handshake, hearty smile and wonderful knowledge of current events to banter across the wood.

When he opened his own place Pouring Ribbons on a rather quiet section of Avenue B in New York's East Village in 2013, it was no surprise the vibe would be that of a second home. Pouring Ribbons succeeds still as a place you could bring your visiting mother-in-law or a first date or a group of fairly drunk friends in equal ease that you'd be provided the perfect place to imbibe.

Pouring Ribbons lately has been making headlines for more than the cocktails and hospitality. Last year, they rethought the idea of a seasonal menu. Instead of updating the list four times per year, the team is now changing the entire program twice per year, centering around a theme of movement, travel and transportation.

They debuted with a Route 66 menu. Inside, guests were welcomed by vintage automobile and roadside attraction photography. The menu featured background stories of inspiration on drinks served in quirky, throwback ways - one poured from a diner syrup container; a punch served in a thermos.

The bar changed again this spring to pay homage to The Silk Road - the famous trade routes of old through Asia and the Mediterranean.

While Route 66 was full of Americana, this menu and bar redesign offered the world and some very global flavors and challenges.

A few examples from the menu include:

• Snake in the Grass - Tanqueray Gin, Lime, JM Rhum Agricole 100 Proof, Coconut Water Syrup, Greek Yogurt, Makrut Lime Leaf. Served in a snifter with crushed ice.

• Safarí Julep - Black Bottle Scotch, Hamilton 151 Rum, Hamilton Gold Rum Chai Syrup, Grenadine. Served in a Julep with crushed ice.

We can't tell you what you'll find when you stop in once the Silk Road morphs again, but we can tell you that you should stop in. It's a beautiful, delicious, inventive experience from start to finish.