Dead Dolls Club

Words by Ian Cameron on 15-Apr-2013

Address: 428 Kingsland Road, London, E8 4AA , United Kingdom
Style: Cocktail bar
Food: Set menu


Address: 428 Kingsland Rd, London E8 4AA
Hours: Wed - Thurs 6pm - 12.30am, Fri - Sat 5pm - 3am, Sun 1pm - 11pm.
Type: Cocktail bar

Dead Dolls Club is a former pop-up turned permanent, and this small, candlelit bar and restaurant is like something straight out of Brooklyn. Stylish but understated, through its street-side floor-to-ceiling windows you can see its innovative hand-drawn decor that covers all of the walls and includes curtains, food and pets. Choose from stainless steel sharing tables or go through to the bar at the back, where you'll find a handful of bar stools. It might start out civilised but come late at night and it becomes quite the house party.

The culinary concept here is rooted in foraging - everything from newly shot game to locally discovered esoteric herbs - which influences food and drink (not least by the fact the bar and kitchen space is side by side). The cocktails (£9) are designed to personify a member of the Dead Dolls household - everyone from the Lady of the Manor to the Cook and the Butler - through ambitious recipes that often include several competing flavours - violette, Martini Rosso, Anise and whisky in the Lady's Maid, say, tequila, aperol, St.-Germain, maraschino and hibiscus in The Foreigner or Lager, ginger syrup, lime, rum, Amaretto and Angostura. Drinks come in beautiful glassware or medicine bottles.