The Pump Room

Address: 3B River Valley Road, The Foundry, #01-09/10 Riverside, Singapore, 179021 , Singapore
Tel: +65 6334 2628
Website: view The Pump Room’s website
Style: Beer bar


The Pump Room is a microbrewery done Singapore style. No messy tuns and exposed brickwork here, no sirree. Outside features neat black rattan chairs around low tables in the generic Clarke Quay corporate vein. Inside is a blend of black velvet, glitter balls, silvered glass and chandeliers, set around a large and curiously angular bar.

Circular tables allow both diners and drinkers to enjoy the live bands that play regularly.

There were five brews available when we visited: a lager, a Scottish ale, an IPA, a wheat ale and a porter stout, along with three guest beers. And Pump Room beers gained an impressive eleven awards at the 2011 Asian Beer Awards.

We enjoyed their Porter Stout -- chewy, yeasty, chocolatey, coffee-y and very much on the sweet side. The champagne list is decent but the extensive cocktail list is quite extraordinarily unappealing. Snowball, anyone?