Nutmeg & Clove

Photography by Nutmeg & Clove

Words by Theodora Sutcliffe on 23-Sep-2016

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Address: 10A Ann Siang Hill, Singapore, 069789, Singapore
Tel: +65 9007 6296
Website: view Nutmeg & Clove’s website
Door: Open door/walk-ins
Style: Cocktail bar
Food: Bar Snacks
Established: 2016

Nutmeg & Clove relocated in 2021.


Nutmeg & Clove relocated from its original shophouse to another heritage building down the road in March 2016, but the overarching concept and the style remains the same. It's a liquid tribute to Singapore - and Ann Siang Hill's - history and heritage and, from the burlap sacks displayed on the walls to the porcelain behind the bar, it's done in a very avant-garde way.

The menu is divided into five main sections - Trading Post, Crown Colony, Banana Republic, Sovereign State and Metropolis - that explore the island's rich history. Each features classic cocktails updated in a modernist and very Singaporean vein.

The Barrel-Aged Singapore Sling strips out the essence of the Singapore Sling and turns it into something close to a Negroni, courtesy of hibiscus and bitters; the Nutmeg & Clove uses ingredients including hawthorn dates, roselle, kumquats and lime to bring out the namesake spices.

Head here for a taste of Singapore much more interesting and authentic than any number of Singapore Slings at the Long Bar.

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