Ste. Marie (Sainte Marier)

Words by Simon Difford on 22-Jul-2011

Address: 930 Poydras Street, (corner O Keefe Ave), New Orleans, Louisiana , 70113, United States
Tel: +1 504 304 6988
Website: view Ste. Marie (Sainte Marier)’s website
Door: Open door/walk-ins
Style: Champagne bar
Food: Set menu


Taking its name from the former moniker for New Orleans' Central Business District, Ste. Marie occupies an impressive modern site that would be starkly industrial were it not for the clever lighting and the mural of an 1895 map of the city which wraps around all interior walls - it actually took seven months to complete. The interior is cleverly softened by wood and a back-lit wine wall that looks like it was made of former palettes (in a good way), plus white table cloths and candlelight.

Ste. Marie is overtly a wine bar, and a champagne specialist, with a healthy selection and a further 15 bins not listed on the menu (we're not sure why). There are just three cocktails on the menu (chosen from a longer list that you can find online) but they change every few days, with all served from behind a marble-topped bar. No question about it, you will get eye strain from the menu which is printed in a font barely visible to the naked eye. We weren't overly wowed with the quality of the cocktails, though the service was super friendly and just goes to show that your experience of a bar is just as dependent on the staff as the product they are serving. We'd definitely return but would probably stick to wine.

Shared back-of-house facilities can see you stumble into the neighboring restaurant in search of the toilets.