Gonzalez Byass Solera 1847 Oloroso Dulce Cream Sherry

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Product Information

Barcode UPC: 8 410023 020237
Bottle Size: 750 ml
Closure: Agglomerated cork stopper

Raw Materials



Sugar content 128g/litre
pH: 3.4
Total Acidity: 5.7g/litre
Volatile Acidity: 0.6g/litre

More about Gonzalez Byass Solera 1847 Cream

Produced by: Gonzalez Byass SA
Owned by: Gonzalez Byass SA
UK distribution by: Gonzalez Byass UK Ltd
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alc./vol: 18%

Proof: 36°

Vintage: Non-vintage

Aged: 4 years

Product of: Product of Spain Spain

This cream dulce sherry is comprises 75% Palomino and 25% Pedro Ximenez grape varieties and is aged an average of 8 years in American oak casks in a traditional solera.
The Palomino grape must from which Solera 1847 is made comes from the first press of the continuous presses. Following fermentation to between 11% and 12% alcohol the wine is fortified to 18% alcohol and then enters the Oloroso solera. The Pedro Ximenez grapes used undergoes a strong pressing similar that that for olive oil production. The must then ferments although stops at around 7% alcohol due to sugar stress. The wine is then fortified to 15% alcohol and then enters into the Pedro Ximenez solera. After ageing separately for some 4 years the two grapes varieties are blended: 75% Palomino and 25% Pedro Ximenez. The blend then enters into the Solera 1847 solera where is will spend a further 4 years.

Review and Tasting

Sampled on 06/10/2017


Cream, deep mahogany.


Raisin, prune, vanilla, oak and light hazelnut.


Rich raisin, date, prune, white wine acidity and dry walnut with dry black tea-like tannins.


Lingering rich raisin, toffee, white wine acidity and dry black tea-like tannins.


Sweet but balanced with rich, date, raisin, white wine acidity and dry black tea-like tannins.

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