Himbrimi Icelandic Old Tom Gin

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Product Information

Barcode UPC: 0 761780 837612
Bottle Size: 500 ml
Closure: Synthetic stopper

Raw Materials

Multi grain


C02 injected? No

Allergens and Additives

Contains Cereals containing gluten
Contains Sugar (or other sweetener)
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alc./vol: 40%

Proof: 80°

Vintage: Non-vintage

Aged: No age statement

Inspired by scents of herbs growing along river banks, in 2016, Icelandic artist Óskar Ericsson set about making a gin to take with him on fishing trips. So Himbrimi Old Tom emerged. It is flavoured by cold infusion of the botanicals, including hand-picked wild flowers and honey, in neutral spirit.
The name “Himbrimi” and the depiction on this gin’s label refers to a bird which in English is known as the Common Loon or Great Northern Diver. In Old Icelandic, Himbrimi means “heaven howler”, a reference the bird’s song which apparently sounds a little wolf-like. While the bird visits North America, Scandinavia and Scotland, Iceland is the only European country where the Great Northern Diver breeds and stays all year round. It is also the provincial bird of Ontario and appears on the Canadian one-dollar "loonie" coin

The seeds of the angelica flower and the flowers of Arctic Thyme are two of the most prominent botanicals in Himbrimi Gin. Apparently, although Arctic Thyme is closely related to common Thyme, “it has a strong sweet scent that resembles lavender.”

Review and Tasting

Sampled on 01/11/2017


(sample bottle batch No.6, bottle: 492) Clear but with sediment in suspension, deep coppery amber.


Pine cones, clove and vanilla with herbal and floral notes.


Herbal and spicy with bitter resinous pine, clove, black tea-like tannins and floral notes. Faint honeyed sweetness partially balances bitterness.


Long herbal finish with lingering lightly bitter pine and tannins.


Flavouring by cold infusion (the maceration of botanicals in neutral spirit) rather than re-distillation gives this old tom gin a golden aged-like appearance. Bitter notes extracted during infusion somewhat mask attractive floral notes.

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