Ryukyu 1429 Mizu Ryukyu Awamori

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alc./vol: 43%

Proof: 86°

Vintage: Non-vintage

Aged: Unaged

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Mizu is one of a range of awamori (pronounced "owl-am-oar-e") by Ryukyu 1429 (pronounced "Rue-queue 1429"). Mizu, meaning water, is an unaged blend from the island paradise of Kumejima. Like the crystal clear waters of Kumejima, Mizu is noted clean bright character.

Review and Tasting

Sampled on 09/03/2022


Crystal clear.


Delicate. Fermenting rice, brown sugar, and black pepper.


Bright and invigorating and cleansing acidity and mild spicy heat. Reminiscent of spicy yoghurt.


Long. A continuation of the palate with lingering spice.


In the same way that mezcal connoisseurs favour unaged 'joven' for revealing unadulterated flavours from fermentation and distillation so this 'mizu' awamori captures and reveals notes from fermentation.

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Product Information

Barcode UPC: 4580682220027
Bottle Size: 700 ml
Closure: Agglomerated cork stopper