Advocaat / Eierlikör image

Advocaat / Eierlikör

Advocaat (or Advocaatenborrel) is a traditional Dutch liqueur made from eggs, sugar and spirit (traditionally brandy but also neutral spirit), usually

Amaretto liqueurs image

Amaretto liqueurs

Amaretto is a fragrant almond flavoured liqueur. Traditionally, the almond flavour and slight bitterness come from oil extracted from bitter apricot kernels.

Amari image


Amaro is both the Italian word for bitter and the name of a bittersweet style of liqueurs traditionally from Italy. Amari (the plural of amaro) are usually

Apricot (brandy) liqueurs image

Apricot (brandy) liqueurs

Apricot brandy is a common term for the most popular style of apricot liqueurs, although most of these liqueurs are actually made by macerating apricots

Banana liqueurs image

Banana liqueurs

Banana flavoured liqueurs, which French producers call crème de banane, are based on neutral alcohol (usually sugar beet) flavoured with an extract made

Bergamot liqueurs image

Bergamot liqueurs

Rosolio is an ancient style of Italian liqueur which derives its name from a herb called Drosera rotundifolia, a species of sundew known in Italy by the

Blackcurrant (crème de cassis) liqueurs image

Blackcurrant (crème de cassis) liqueurs

Crème de cassis is a blackcurrant liqueur which originated in France and is made by both infusion and maceration. The original recipe for a crème de

Blue Curaçao liqueurs image

Blue Curaçao liqueurs

Orange Curaçao liqueurs come in different colours: blue, red, clear and orange, all tend to have other flavourings besides just orange, particularly vanilla.

Cherry (brandy) liqueurs image

Cherry (brandy) liqueurs

Cherry 'brandy' is traditionally the largest category of cherry liqueurs. A confusing term as most of these liqueurs are actually made by macerating cherries

Crème de noyau/noyaux image

Crème de noyau/noyaux

Crème de Noyau (also spelt noyaux) are liqueurs made by infusing apricot, peach or cherry kernels (or a combination of these fruit stones) in neutral

Falernum image


Falernum (pronounced 'Fah-Learn-Um') is a sweet liqueur from Barbados. Syrupy in consistency, falernum is always made with lime and sugar but is usually

Ferro china amari image

Ferro china amari

Amari (plural of amaro) are traditional Italian bitter aperitivo or digestivo liqueurs and Ferro China are a distinctive sub-category of amari containing

Fruit cups image

Fruit cups

Fruit cups, quintessentially English summertime thirst-quenching drinks, were invented by the Victorians and were originally a mixture of fruit, liqueurs

Gentian liqueurs image

Gentian liqueurs

Gentian liqueurs tend to be bright yellow and taste on the bitter side of bittersweet. As the name suggests, their flavour comes from an infusion and distillation

Honey liqueurs (spiced) image

Honey liqueurs (spiced)

Krupnik, pronounced 'krrup-nick', (or Krupnikas in Lithuania) is a traditional grain spirit(vodka)-based liqueur sweetened with honey and flavoured with

Italian bittersweet orange-red aperitivo/aperitif liqueurs image

Italian bittersweet orange-red aperitivo/aperitif liqueurs

Not to be confused with their more bitter and alcoholic siblings, red bitter liqueurs, these similarly coloured aperitivo liqueurs are altogether lighter

Italian red bitter liqueurs image

Italian red bitter liqueurs

There are numerous Italian bright crimson-coloured bittersweet liqueurs, but Campari is the best-known internationally. Campari is on the drier side of

Limoncello/Lemon liqueurs image

Limoncello/Lemon liqueurs

Limoncello is a lemon liqueur originally from Southern Italy. The best balance tart citrus acidity and spirituous spice with rich velvety sugar to become

Liqueurs / alc. cordials image

Liqueurs / alc. cordials

Liqueurs and alcoholic cordials are sweetened alcoholic drinks made by mixing or redistilling spirits with flavourings and colourings. Within the EEC a

Mastikha/Mastika/Masticha/Mastic/Μαστίχα image


Mastiha, pronounced 'mahs-TEE-ha' and variously spelt Masticha, Mastichato Chiou, Chios Masticha is a Greek liqueur flavoured with mastic, a semi-transparent

Orange curaçao liqueurs image

Orange curaçao liqueurs

Curaçao liqueurs are traditionally made from the dried peel of the small bitter Curaçao orange, named for the Caribbean island of Curaçao, where this

Parfait amour liqueurs image

Parfait amour liqueurs

A French, lilac coloured curaçao-based liqueur flavoured with rose petals, vanilla pods and almonds. The name means 'perfect love'.

Pear & cognac liqueurs image

Pear & cognac liqueurs

Pear and cognac are harmonious flavour companions and this has inspired the creation of a number of liqueurs which work brilliantly as cocktail ingredients.

Pimento Berry Spiced Liqueurs image

Pimento Berry Spiced Liqueurs

Allspice Pimento Dram is a spicy liqueur made by steeping pimento berries in rum. Pimento Dram is a dried, unripened berry from a West Indian tree called

Red curaçao liqueurs image

Red curaçao liqueurs

Curaçao are orange-flavoured liqueurs which take their name from the small Caribbean island of Curaçao. The island is renowned for its bitter orange

Sloe gin / sloeberry image

Sloe gin / sloeberry

Sloe drupes (sloe berries), the fruit of the blackthorn shrub have been infused in alcohol for centuries, most famously in England where they are steeped

Swedish Punsch image

Swedish Punsch

Swedish Punsch (not to be confused with punch) is also known as Arrack Punsch, Caloric Punch, Punssi in Finnish, and simply as Punsch. Based on Batavia

Triple sec liqueurs image

Triple sec liqueurs

Triple Sec refers to a style of orange flavoured liqueur which is clear and typically between 20 and 40% alc./vol., although better quality examples are

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