Schofield’s Fine and Classic Cocktails: Celebrated Libations and Other Fancy Drinks

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Author(s): Joe & Daniel Schofield
ISBN: 978-0-85783-732-5
Published: October 2019
Format: Hardback, 224 pages

Daniel and Joe Schofield’s cocktail book is not just any collection of drinks.

Schofield’s Fine and Classic Cocktails gathers over 100 celebrated and fancy libations, including gems from leading bartenders around the world, alongside advice on the tools and techniques to make these cocktails with precision and expertise.

Following international acclaim, each in their own right, and their upcoming family-run bar, bartending brothers Daniel and Joe Schofield unveil their next joint venture – Schofield’s Fine and Classic Cocktails: Celebrated Libations and Other Fancy Drinks.

Besides outlining best practices and their own bartending core beliefs, the Schofield brothers present an enjoyable and straightforward cocktail book, peppered with crisp and clean photography throughout.

Schofield’s Fine and Classic Cocktails leads with an introduction, followed by the brothers' beverage philosophies. The book then moves through recommendations on barware, glassware, ice, techniques, garnishes and recipes for preparations. This first section ends with definitions and a glossary page.

Cocktail enthusiasts and bartending beginners will find valuable and practical golden nuggets. From shaking and garnishing a cocktail to handling glassware and equipment, the Schofields’ guidance is indeed insightful.

Once past the instructions and guidelines comes the cocktail recipes. There are some 20 recipes by bartending icons, including Erik Lorincz, Charles Schumann, Ryan Chetiyawardana and Jake Burger, plus a recipe by each of the Schofield brothers.

Alongside these gems are well-known, legendary cocktails worthy of their inclusion in your own drinks repertoire (if they’re not already). The Godfather, the Bees Knees and the Penicillin feature among the list, one which is fun to explore and easy to replicate if you’re a beginner.

Schofield’s Fine and Classic Cocktails is a clear-cut and informative cocktail book filled with bartending etiquette straight from leading bartenders in the industry, Joe and Daniel Schofield. They’ve covered the basics, and then some, and included many fine and fanciful drinks not to be overlooked.

Buy yours on Amazon.

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