Grape varieties
Grape varieties

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Grape varieties of Central Greece Wines

Central Greece is the homeland of two of the most important white grape varieties of Greece: the sturdy Savatiano and aromatic Malagouzia (pictured above).

Savatiano is one of the most ancient Greek grapes and produces light and refreshing whites with herbal aromas and fascinating ageing potential (PGI Evia, PGI Thiva, PGI Atalanti Valley). The aromatic Malagouzia creates zesty, expressive and intensely aromatic wines (PGI Atalanti Valley, PGI Evia, PGI Thiva, PGI Ritsona).

The star indigenous red grape varieties of the region are Mouctharo (PGI Thiva), Mavrokountoura (PGI Evia) , and Vradiano (PGI Lilantio Pedio, PGI Evia). Mouchtarto, grown exclusively in Askri, produces refreshing rose wines and deep-coloured, fruity and mineral reds. Mavrokountoura yields zesty roses ideal for easy drinking alongside mellow but sturdy reds. Vradiano produces fruity roses and rich, spicy reds.

All these indigenous grape varieties have been revived in recent years by the local vine growers and winemakers in their quest to preserve Greece's viticulture heritage.