Take Five: Coconut liqueurs

Mahina Coco Clement

20% alc./vol.
Producer: Héritiers H. Clement, Domaine de l'Acajou, Le Francois, Martinique

A blend of neutral alcohol and rhum agricole with coconut flavours, packaged in an all-white painted glass bottle and a similar label and colour scheme to the market leader Malibu.

Appearance: Crystal clear
Aroma: Coconut milkshake and icing sugar overlaid with grassy agricole rhum and a hint of white cacao.
Taste: Icing sugar sweetness, with pronounced grassy agricole rhum-notes, thin but aggressive, surprisingly so given its mere 20% alc./vol.
Aftertaste: Finish akin to coconut stored in plastic lunch box, with lingering icing sugar.
diffordsguide rating: 3/5

Bols Coconut

17% alc./vol.
Producer: Lucas Bols BV, PO Box 1591, 1000BN, Amsterdam, Holland.

A white rum base with coconut flavours, Bols boasts this product has a "surprisingly direct flavour that avoids the over-sweetness of other coconut rums or liqueurs making it a very mixable ingredient".

Appearance: Crystal clear
Aroma: Light coconut, sun cream and a touch of swimming pool (in a 'fresh', rather than a negative way)
Taste: Soft, light coconut palate (desiccated and macaroon) with powdered sugar.
Aftertaste: Light, candied finish
diffordsguide rating: 3.5/5

De Kuyper Coconut Liqueur

20% alc./vol.
Producer: De Kuyper Royal Distilleries, Schiedam, Holland.

A white rum base with coconut flavours and coconut extract from the famous Dutch house.

Appearance: Crystal clear
Aroma: Desiccated coconut with floral notes and faint acetone/swimming pool chlorine-like aromas.
Taste: Sweet coconut with milk chocolate and faint creamy nuttiness.
Aftertaste: Delicate coconut and creamy milk chocolate.
diffordsguide rating: 4/5

Koko Kanu

37.5% alc./vol.
Producer: J. Wray & Nephew, Jamaica

Arguably the bartender's choice, Koko Kanu is made from Jamaican white rum with natural coconut flavours and boasts a far higher abv than its competitors. The label incorporates two of Jamaica's national symbols, the 'Doctor' humming bird and the Lignum Vitae flower.

Appearance: Crystal clear
Aroma: Spirit-led, rum nose with confectioner's coconut aromas
Taste: Rum-led palate with macaroon and confectioner's coconut flavours and cocoa powder
Aftertaste: Continues palate to fade with added spirity spice - surprisingly little authentic coconut flavours against the strong white rum notes. Perhaps neat over ice more than being a cocktail ingredient.
diffordsguide rating: 4.5/5

Mahiki Coconut Liqueur

21% alc./vol.
Producer: Producer here

Spin-off from the monumentally successful bar of the same name: a coconut liqueur made "with a blend of Caribbean rums and fine spirits". Bottled in a range of different tropical-themed shrink-wrapped sleeves.

Appearance: Crystal clear
Aroma: Aromatic desiccated coconut, tropical fruit (ripe passion fruit) and macaroon nose with faint rose petal/jasmine aromas.
Taste: Sweet - but not cloyingly so, patissiere's coconut palate with faint rose water flavours.
Aftertaste: Long desiccated coconut finish with lingering aniseed freshness.
diffordsguide rating: 4.5/5


21% alc./vol.
Producer: Malibu-Kahlua International, Allied Distillers, Kilmalid, Scotland

The market leader, and now the daddy of a growing family of fruit-flavoured rums, made with Bajan rum and coconut flavours, packaged in the familiar shrink-wrapped white plastic sleeve.

Appearance: Crystal clear
Aroma: Aromatic desiccated coconut, with dairy-like creaminess.
Taste: Clean, very lightly rum-like, with believably fresh coconut flesh-like flavours.
Aftertaste: Continues palate to fade, but lacks complexity.
diffordsguide rating: 4.5/5

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