1 April

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Natural Vodka Sprang Forth in Ukraine

So we are drinking a...

April Fool

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It was on this day in 1976 that scientists first analysed a clear vodka-tasting liquid that was issuing from a spring in southern Ukraine, the grain bowl of the then Soviet Union.

Soil analysis of the area suggested that rainwater passing through remnants of grain left on the land over a period of hundreds of years had leached down to levels where ground temperatures were high enough to cause fermentation. As this fermented liquid percolated through ground rock it was clarified, and when it later surfaced as a spring it was, in fact, a very weak vodka.

Locals are believed to have been taking this naturally produced vodka and distilling it to a higher ABV for many years but the process had been kept as a closely guarded local secret by peasants afraid of losing their natural source of inebriation.

Today we're having a giggle and drinking an April Shower....

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