3 April

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The Sundae Was Created Today (on a Sunday)

So we are drinking a...


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A classic of the sticky-dessert genre, the ice-cream sundae came into the world on Sunday, 3 April 1892, when a drugstore owner and church treasurer in Ithaca, upstate New York, treated his parson to a dish of vanilla ice cream fancied up with some cherry syrup and a glacé cherry.

Although his subsequent attempts to patent the name "Sunday" proved unsuccessful, the "sundae" name and spelling stuck. Two Rivers (Wisconsin) and Evanston (Illinois) also claim to be the home of the sundae - but Ithaca's Cherry Sunday is the only one with documentary proof.

We are raising a toast to low-rent sweet treats of all varieties with a glass of the gooey, unsophisticated but thoroughly moreish ice-cream cocktail, the Mudslide. Enjoy!

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