7 April

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Today is World Health Day

So we are drinking a...

Penicillin cocktail

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In 1948, shortly after the World Health Organisation was established, it designated every 7 April from 1950 onwards as World Health Day, to mark the organisation’s founding – which makes it a perfect opportunity to drink to that miraculous lifesaver, penicillin.

Scotland's Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928, creating the first-ever miracle cure and transforming modern medicine. The Penicillin cocktail is almost equally miraculous, although its health benefits are, naturally, limited.

Created by Australia's Sam Ross during his stint at New York's iconic contemporary speakeasy, Milk and Honey, it's one of few 21st-century cocktails already acknowledged as a classic. The combination of smoky Scotch whisky, fragrant honey, lemon and a hint of ginger spice tastes better than any medicine - a couple of them will prove almost as magical as antibiotics.

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