26 December

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Boxing Day

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Depending on where you’re from, today is St Stephen’s Day, Boxing Day, Wren Day or just the day after Christmas.

St Stephen himself was an early martyr, stoned to death in Jerusalem for praising Jesus in front of a sceptical audience; St Stephen's Day is, of course, the day on which Good King Wenceslas went to help a poor peasant with his firewood; and it's quite likely that a tradition of giving alms to the poor, Wenceslas-style, gave Boxing Day its name. Wren Day, meanwhile, is a long-standing tradition in some Celtic parts of Europe, where people hunt real or fake wrens.

Whether you're hunting wrens or simply peace and quiet, take a tip from rural Britons, who traditionally drink sloe gin today, and discover the Wibble, a genuinely world-class cocktail based on that classic winter warmer.

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