15 January

Treacle No.1 image

Today is the anniversary of The Molasses Floods Boston

So we are drinking a...

Treacle No.1

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Mayhem reigned on this day in 1919 when a giant tank of molasses which was awaiting transportation to a distillery for processing into industrial alcohol, exploded in Boston, flattening homes, shops and people with a flood of 10 million litres of molasses. More than 20 people died and over 150 were injured.

The tidal wave of molasses reached around 8m height at its peak, and moved at over 50kph with enough force to warp steel girders. The distiller blamed anarchists, local people blamed negligence, and in the end, the distiller settled for around $1million, although the area smelt of molasses for years.

Today we're pondering that very strange event with a Treacle No. 1.

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