22 January

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Today is Saint Vincent's Day

So we are drinking a...

Wine Cooler

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Happy Saints Day to Saint Vincent of Saragossa! Surely the patron saint of wine makers and vine dressers is worthy of recognition, and perhaps an excuse for celebration. Certainly if your a vine dresser anyway. (A person who cultivates and prunes grapevines.)

Born in France, St. Vincent became Deacon of Saragossa in Aragon, Spain, under the reign of the Roman Emperor Diocletian.

Like many martyrs of the time, he was tortured hideously then thrown into the sea, where his remains were cast up on a promontory now known as Cape St. Vincent. Quite how this prepared him to protect the vintners of this world, we do not know but after all that bother we're sure he'd have needed a Wine Cooler, which is what we're drinking today. Cheers!

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