3 January

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The Day the Straw Was Invented

So we are drinking a...

Last Straw

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Where would the cocktail be without the straw? Today in 1888, the drinking straw was patented by Marvin Stone.

To start off, it was just hand-rolled paper covered in paraffin. The oldest drinking straw in existence is a beautiful and precious thing. It was found in a Sumerian tomb dated 3,000 BC and is a gold tube inlaid with lapis lazuli. One theory is that the Sumerians used straws to avoid the solid by-products of fermentation at the bottom of their beer.

You can celebrate the creation of this bartending staple with The Last Straw, a cocktail created by Simon Difford in 2006, when he used the last straw behind the bar to sample the first creation of this drink.

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