30 January

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Charles I Was Beheaded Today

So we are drinking a...

Claret Cobbler

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The last regal walk of Charles I was in London, from St James’s Palace to the Banqueting House and thence out of an upstairs window on to a scaffold.

It was bitterly cold that January day in 1649 and Charles had asked his valet for extra underclothes, as he was concerned that the crowd would interpret any shivering as a sign of fear. Charles had stammered all his life but this affliction left him in his last days, and both his bearing at the trial and his conduct on the scaffold were to transform him from an impossible king into a royal martyr. His last meal was a piece of dry bread and a cup of claret. Who knows, had his chaplain, Dr Juxon, known of our Claret Cobbler, he might have insisted on its warming attributes.

The 30th of January is also the Croissant Day

This flaky, buttery pastry, enjoyed by so many around the world for breakfast was created in either Vienna or Budapest, around 1683 - 1686, during the time when the cities were under siege from the Turks.Late one night, some bakers heard noises rumbling underground. It turned out that the Turks were attempting to invade the city by tunnel ling. The tunnels were blown up, the city was saved and the bakers could carry on baking. Hurrah!

In celebration, the bakers created special pastries in the shape of a crescent moon to represent the symbol of the Ottoman Empire.

Fast forward to the modern day and we still love croissants. How do you like yours...with butter, jam or just warm and crispy? Our favourites are almond croissants, so today we are drinking an Almond Old-Fashioned.

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