9 January

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The World's First Urban Climber Was Arrested

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Whiskey Tea Highball

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The words buildering, edificeering, urban climbing, structuring and stegophily now refer to the act of climbing the outside of a building or artificial structure, but over a hundred years ago the concept was brand-new and unnamed.

One of the first urban climbers, an American named George Gibson Polley, famously known as the Human Fly, was watched by thousands of onlookers on this day in 1920 as he attempted to climb the 57 floors of the Woolworth building in New York City. He was arrested when he reached the 30th floor. Over his career Polley climbed over two thousand buildings, often spicing up his performances by pretending to slip and fall from one windowsill to another. We're guessing George was having quite a ball up on those buildings so today we're toasting him with an appropriately named Whiskey Tea Highball.

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