16 June

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Today is the Birthday of the Roller Coaster

So we are drinking a...

Thriller Cocktail

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Back in 1884, a new form of entertainment took off on this day at New York’s Coney Island – the roller coaster.

Inspired by a mining railway in Pennsylvania, and similar to the mine cart railway in the film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, only slower, the new coaster, known as the Switchback Railway, was powered by gravity and reached speeds of 10 kph (6 mph). Marcus Thompson's patented invention proved popular, and other entrepreneurs piled in with their own improvements.

Still running today, the 1902-built Leap the Dips, in Lakemont Park, Pennsylvania, is similar to the original Switchback Railway.

This evening we're suggesting you give the roller coaster a miss and take all the fun you need from a Thriller Martini, a remarkably aromatic combo of Scotch, gin and a hint of orange.

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