26 March

Moonlight Cocktail (Harry Craddock's recipe) image

Beethoven Died Today

So we are drinking a...

Moonlight Cocktail (Harry Craddock's recipe)

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A few days before Ludwig van Beethoven died, on this day in 1827, a case of wine arrived from his publisher, prompting the great man’s last recorded words: “Pity, pity – too late!”

A musical genius, Beethoven started his career as a child piano prodigy, promoted by his overbearing father, and went on to overcome deafness and produce some of the most enduring classical music ever.

If you've heard the ring-tone tinkle of Für Elise, the epic da-da-da-DUM of his Fifth Symphony, or the rippling tones of the Moonlight Sonata, you've been influenced by the man.

Pay a tribute to his memory not with a sonata but with a Moonlight Cocktail, a delightfully dry blend that includes kirschwasser from his native Germany.

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