11 May

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Salvador Dalí Was Born Today

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Few painters have created more iconic images and been more of an iconic image themselves than the Spanish painter Salvador Dalí, born today in 1904.

Dalí was a leader of the Surrealist movement but, being apolitical, as World War II approached he clashed with the group, and he was expelled during a trial in 1934.

In fact, Surrealism was just one phase in the life of this eccentric man, and he moved on to what is known as his classical period. Dalí's lovingly created works carry an incredible tenderness for the human condition. He left behind a monumental volume of work in a wide range of media, from oil paintings to sculpture, furniture, films, photography, ballet costumes, scenery and jewellery.

If only Dalí could join us for today's cocktail in his memory, a Moondream.

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