1 November

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Sistine Chapel Unveiled

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Angel's Share #1

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On this day, the Feast of All Saints, in 1512, Pope Julius II inaugurated the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel with a solemn Mass and revealed Michelangelo’s magnificent artwork.

Michelangelo found the four years of work so hard that he wrote a poem complaining about the "torture" involved. He must therefore have been a glutton for punishment, as he returned over 20 years later to create his iconic Last Judgement. Today, more than five million visitors a year visit the chapel to admire Michelangelo's art, and cardinals still gather there to elect a new pope.

The Angel's Share cocktail that are drinking tonight in honour of Michelangelo is based on cognac, a spirit from which the angels are said to take their share (through evaporation) as it ages.

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