12 November

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It's the World Wide Web’s Birthday

So we are drinking a...


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When London-born computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee sent out a memo entitled “WorldWide Web: Proposal for a HyperText Project” on this day in 1990, he reckoned it would take five people working for six months, with a software and hardware spend of around £80,000, to complete.

The project he proposed, a space where all users could create, share and expand knowledge, has transformed the world at least as dramatically as the printing press did, democratising knowledge on a level that has never before been seen. Berners-Lee's memo outlined HTML (HyperText Markup Language), the linking glue that binds the internet together, and so we think it's appropriate to celebrate with a true British cocktail named for the ultimate binding plant - Dick Bradsell's 20th-century classic, the Bramble.

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