9 October

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Che Guevara Died Today

So we are drinking a...

Che's Revolution

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On this day in 1967, Bolivian paramilitaries, working with the CIA, executed Che Guevara, and spawned a thousand T-shirts.

Although famed and demonised in equal measure for his role in the Cuban revolution, Ernesto Guevara was, in fact, not Cuban but Argentinian. He was a medical student when he set out on an epic road trip across Latin America, which he would immortalise in his book The Motorcycle Diaries. The injustices he witnessed on his travels - from lepers to exploited workers - left him believing that violent revolution was the only way forward. More than half a century on, Che is still a hero to many - Cuban schoolchildren promise to be like him - and a demon to others.

Today, we're drinking to his memory with a Che's Revolution.

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