Auntie's Hot Xmas Punch

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Toddy glass
Measuring jigger
Mixing glass
Bar spoon


There are approximately 344 calories in one serving of Auntie's Hot Xmas Punch.

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Serve in a

Toddy glass


Cinnamon stick

How to make:

POUR all ingredients into glass and stir. MICROWAVE for a minute (vary time depending on your microwave oven), stir again and serve.

1 12 fl oz Pedro Ximénez sherry
2 14 fl oz Cognac
34 fl oz Freshly squeezed lemon juice
3 fl oz Pressed apple juice
4 dash Peychaud's Bitters

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Hot, raisiny and Christmas pudding-like. Serve with a mince pie.


Created by yours truly (Simon Difford) to serve live on Christmas Eve 2002 during a broadcast on BBC Radio Four. 'Auntie' is a nickname for the BBC and the drink uses the traditional punch proportions of 1 sour, 2 sweet, 3 strong and 4 weak.

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