Pisco Punch (Micheli's recipe)

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Goblet glass
Measuring jigger
Fine sieve


There are approximately 105 calories in one serving of Pisco Punch (Micheli's recipe).
Pisco Punch (Micheli's recipe) image

Serve in a

Goblet glass


Pineapple wedge

How to make:

MUDDLE orange and pineapple in base of shaker. ADD pisco and pineapple marinade. SHAKE with ice and fine strain into ice-filled glass. TOP with no more than two shots of soda water.

2 slice Fresh orange
3 fresh Marinated pineapple wedges
2 fl oz BarSol Mosto Verde Italia Pisco
34 fl oz Pineapple marinade
Top up with Soda (club soda) or sparkling water


This Pisco Punch is very fruity and slightly on the sweet side but is so tasty that it justifies its legendary reputation.


Alfredo Micheli (who went by the nickname Mike) was employed at the Bank Exchange and spied on Duncan Nichol to learn how to make this legendary drink. After he believed he'd learnt the secret he left to start serving at a newly opened competitor to the Bank Exchange, Paoli's on Montgomery Street.

Our Pisco Punch cocktail page gives a more detailed history of this drink and explains the different recipes.

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