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SHAKE all ingredients with ice and fine strain into glass filled with crushed ice. Serve with straws.


Mint sprig


Fortified and slightly sweetened wine cooled and lengthened by ice.


Cobblers emerged in the mid 1800s and circa 1880 the bartender Harry Johnson said of the Sherry Cobbler 'This drink is without doubt the most popular beverage in this country, with ladies as well as with gentlemen. It is a very refreshing drink for old and young.'

Cobblers are served with straws in a goblet filled with crushed ice and decorated with fruit and a sprig or two of mint. They are based on spirits and/or wine sweetened with sugar syrup or sweet liqueur. Classically Cobblers contain little or no citrus but modern variations often call for citrus and other fruits to be muddled. We believe it's the lack of citrus that sets Cobblers apart. The best examples of these use the tannin and acidity in the wine to bitter and so balance the drink.

Cobblers are also classically built in the glass. We prefer to shake ours to properly cool and mix them before straining over fresh crushed ice and stirring.

Interestingly, this drink is often cited for heralding in the paper straw which wasn't patented until 1888. Prior to that straws were just that, 'straw', usually rye, or even hollow pasta (macaroni or vermicelli).

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