He's At Home

Difford's Guide


Freshly squeezed lime juice
Green Chartreuse liqueur
Bob's Bitters Peppermint bitters


Collins glass
Measuring jigger
Fine sieve


There are approximately 236 calories in one serving of He's At Home.


He's At Home image

Serve in a

Collins glass


Lime zest twist

How to make:

SHAKE all ingredients with ice and fine strain into glass filled with crushed ice.

12 fl oz Freshly squeezed lime juice
2 fl oz Green Chartreuse liqueur
1 dash Bob's Bitters Peppermint bitters

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LeNell's kind of drink and accompanying story. Other Chartreuse lover's should experiment.


This recipe is adapted from one by Del Pedro, Alexander's, New York City. It came to me (in 1997) courtesy of the infamous LeNell Smothers. To quote from Del, "I used to call this a 'Gatsby cooler' at one time, because there seems something kinda evilly 'Hampton-ish' about this drink, but I also called it 'He's At Home' which was the name given to porcelain dildos that Nantucket ship's captain's wives kept stashed in the flue of their fireplaces for the lonely winter nights when the old dog was chasing whales."

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