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There are approximately 186 calories in one serving of Monte Carlo.

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Serve in an

Old-fashioned glass

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UB Koto Old Fashioned 30cl


Lemon zest twist

How to make:

STIR all ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass (preferably over a chunk of block ice).

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When served straight-up the Monte Carlo fits into the Scaffa family of cocktails but it's much better and more usually served on-the-rocks, so best described as being a Manhattan with Bénédictine in place of vermouth. My hero, the tax lawyer and cocktail writer, David Embury, says in his 1948 The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks, "This drink is a bit on the sweet side. It can be improved by adding 2 parts lemon juice and increasing the rye from 2 parts to about 4 or 5." Embury had a dry palate approaching that of Hemingway's and most palates will appreciate the extra touch of sweetness in this cocktail that's best enjoyed as an after-dinner tipple or nightcap.


Served straight-up on on-the-rocks.


The Monte Carlo first appears in print in David Embury's 1948 The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks as "1 part Bénédictine, 2 parts Rye, 1 or 2 dashes Angostura to each drink. Shake with cracked ice".

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