Benton's Old Fashioned

Benton's Old Fashioned  image
Serve in
a Rocks glass...
2 shot Bourbon whiskey(bacon fat washed)
¼ shot Maple syrup
2 dash Angostura Aromatic Bitters BUY
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How to make:

STIR bourbon and maple syrup in base of mixing glass until syrup dissolves. Add bitters and ice and STIR again. Strain into ice-filled glass.

*To make the fat washed bourbon: Grill 4 slices of bacon to obtain 30ml/1oz of warm fat (originally Benton's bacon was used but any extra-smoky bacon will suffice) and pour this into a 70cl of bourbon (in a 75cl bottle). Leave to infuse at room temperature for a day before placing bottle in a freezer to solidify the fat. The clarify the bourbon by straining into a clean bottle.


Orange twist


Even vegetarians like bacon and everybody likes Old Fashioneds.


Created in 2008 by Don Lee at Manhattan’s exclusive and elusive PDT bar. PDT is short for ‘Please Don't Tell’ and perhaps the most famous of New York’s numerous bars modeled on Prohibition speakeasies.

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