Jammie Dodger

Jammie Dodger image
Serve in
a Shot glass...
¾ shot Chambord Liqueur BUY
¼ shot Single cream / half-and-half
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How to make:

POUR liqueur into glass and then float cream on top.


Biscuit rim


The sugar and fat will get you before the alcohol does.


Float Irish cream liqueur (Bailey's) in place of cream.


The origin of this drink is unknown but it is named after and inspired by the classic British biscuit produced by Burton's Foods. Jammie Dodgers were launched in 1960 and consist of two circular discs of shortbread biscuit with raspberry-flavoured plum jam sandwiched between with a heart-shaped hole in the upper biscuit to reveal the jam. In recent years the original heart-shaped embossing on the shortbread has been replaced by splashes.

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