Caipirinha #1 (Brazilian serve)

Caipirinha #1 (Brazilian serve) image
Serve in
an Old-fashioned glass...
¾ fresh Lime (fresh whole)(chopped wedges)
2 shot Capucana Cachaca BUY
½ shot Sugar syrup (2 sugar to 1 water)
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How to make:

MUDDLE lime in the base of a robust glass to release the juices and oils in its skin. Pour cachaça and sugar into glass, add ice and STIR. Serve with straws.




You are probably used to this drink being served with crushed ice but until you have tried it with cubed ice you have not really tried a Caipirinha.


Pronounced 'Kie-Pur-Reen-Yah', the name of this traditional Brazilian cocktail literally translates as 'little countryside drink'. It is made by muddling green lemons known as 'limon subtil', which are native to Brazil (limes are the best substitute when these are not available), and mixing with sugar and cachaça. Be sure to muddle in a sturdy, non-breakable glass.

In Britain and other 'new' cachaça markets it is common practice to serve this drink with crushed ice but in Brazil it is usually served with cubed ice. Capirinhas and variations on the theme are staples in cachaçarias, traditional Brazilian bars which specialise in cachaça.

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