Waterloo image
Serve in
a Coupe glass...
2 shot Rutte Old Simon Genever BUY
½ shot Mandarine Napoleon liqueur BUY
shot Jägermeister
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How to make:

STIR all ingredients with ice and strain into chilled glass.


Orange zest twist (discarded) & float pickled almond


Created by Simon Difford at the Cabinet Room, London, England.

Named after the Battle of Waterloo which was fought on Sunday 18th June 1815 near the town of Waterloo in present-day Belgium, then part of the Netherlands. The French army commanded by Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated by an Anglo-allied army commanded by the Duke of Wellington fitting alongside a Prussian army commanded by Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, Prince of Wahlstatt. Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo brought his reign as French Emperor to a sudden end.


A dry, lightly bitter, aperitif cocktail highlighting the bready notes in genever and the bright zesty freshness of Mandarine Napoleon. Jägermeister adds bitter complexity.

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