Patrón Chipotle Punch

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Highball glass
Measuring jigger
Bar spoon


There are approximately 99 calories in one serving of Patrón Chipotle Punch.
Patrón Chipotle Punch image

Serve in a

Highball glass

How to make:

SHAKE all ingredients with ice and strain into ice-filled glass.

Special Ingredient #1: Chipotle Oleo Scharum

1 13 fl oz Patrón Silver blanco tequila
13 fl oz Fino sherry
2 spoon *Special ingredient #1 (see above)
56 fl oz Freshly squeezed lemon juice

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Created by José Luis León from Mexico. José is the general manager in Grupo Sicario and is the owner of Baltra and Licoreria Limantour and he created this cocktail for Patrón Tequila as part of their activity at London Cocktail Week 2016.

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