El Imigrante



Collins glass
Measuring jigger


There are approximately 204 calories in one serving of El Imigrante.

El Imigrante

El Imigrante image

Serve in a

Collins glass


Two fresh basil sprigs

How to make:

SWIZZLE all ingredients in glass filled with crushed ice.

2 fl oz Bacardi Carta Blanca light rum
12 fl oz Martini Rosso vermouth
12 fl oz Martini Bitter Aperitivo
12 fl oz Freshly squeezed lemon juice
12 fl oz Simple syrup (1 sugar to 1 water)

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Ernesto Lara Elizondo says of his drink “In a world without borders, we are all immigrants. Today we see a lot of negative talk about immigration; El Imigrante showcases the great things that happen when two different cultures come together to celebrate diversity. By blending two different styles of cocktail culture from around the world to create something uniquely delicious, I bring life to the legacy of all immigrants.”


Brazilian BACARDÍ LEGACY 2018 winning cocktail by Ernesto Lara Elizondo, Riviera Bar, São Paulo.

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